NCC Collaborator

January 2016 Edition: Volume 9, Number 3
  • Impacting the Education Gap and Identifying Access to Genetic Service Needs
  • RC Reports 
  • Back to the Future with NGECN
  • Consumer Corner: The Future of Genetic Services
  • National Coordinating Center: The Future of Genetic Services, How Today's genetic Service Needs and Gaps will Shape Tomorrow's Regional Genetic Services
  • NCC Calendar
October 2015: Special Edition
  • NCC Collaborator Special Edition: NCC/RC Advocate Leaders Partnership Program for 2015
August 2015 Edition: Volume 9, Number 2
  • Looking at the Past 10 Years to Appreciate Where We Are Today
  • RC Reports 
  • National Coordinating Center: National Workgroup Projects Look Toward the Future
  • NGECN: Where Can We Make the Biggest Impact?
  • Baby's First Test Launches Spanish Language Newborn Screening Site
  • MotherToBaby: Serving the Underserved Unborn
  • NCC Calendar
  • RC Evaluation Efforts
  • Website Updates/Social Media

March 2015 Edition: Volume 9, Number 1
  • The NCC/RC System at 10 Years: A Look Back
  • RC Reports 
  • National Coordinating Center: 10 Years Working with the RCs to Build Bridges between Genetics Professionals and Local Communities
  • NGECN Works with the RCs to Connect Individuals to Genetic Services and Support
  • Consumer Corner: A Consumer's Perspective on the Accomplishments of the NCC/RC System
  • NORD: Promoting State-Based Policy through NORD's Rare Action Network® 
  • NCC @ ACMG Annual Meeting
  • Website Updates/Social Media

July 2014 Edition: Volume 8, Number 3
  • Improving Access, Coverage, and Care through the Affordable Care Act
  • RC Reports 
  • NGECN Building on Successful Outreach and Education Programs to Improve Access to Genetic Services and Support
  • Consumer Corner: The Corbin Story
  • NCC ACA Implementation Workgroup: Building the Care for Inclusion of Genetic Services in Health Coverage and Integrated Care Systems

May 2014: Edition, Volume 8, Number 2
  • Family Health History Remains a Priority for the NCC/RC System and Its National Partners
  • RC Reports 
  • NGECN: Empowering Individuals, Communities and Providers Around Family Health History
  • Consumer Corner: My Transplant Journey
  • GPCI and Its Partners Develop a Family History Tool for Pediatric Primary Care Providers

February 2014: Edition, Volume 8, Number 1
  • New and Unique Approaches to Expanding Genetic Services 
  • RC Reports 
  • Genetic Alliance Introduces New Online Resources for Consumers
  • NewSTEPs Makes Strides Forward 
  • National Quality Improvement Initiative Improves the Integration of Family History and Genetic Services in Pediatric Primary Care

August 2013: Special Edition
  • NCC Collaborator Special Edition: NCC/RC Advocate Leaders Partnership Program for 2013

August 2013: Edition, Volume 7, Number 1
  • New Directions for the NCC/RC System 
  • Reports from the Regional Collaboratives and National Partners
  • AAP CME Course: Dive Into the Gene Pool
  • NCC Transition Workgroup Statement
  • SERC EP Workgroup Article on Reporting Mechanisms


May 2012: Special Edition

  • NCC Collaborator Special Edition: NCC/RC Advocate Leaders Partnership Program for 2012


April 2012: Volume 6, Number 1

  • From a Successful Foundation to Measuring Health Impact:
    Evaluating the NCC/RC System
  • Reports from Regional Collaboratives


December 2011: Volume 5, Number 4

  • The National Coordinating Center: A Conduit for Communication and Collaboration
  • Reports from Regional Collaboratives
  • NEGC and the NCC are ISO Survey Participants: How Will Expanded NBS Affect Your Practice?
  • The Life Rope: Engagement of Diverse Populations for Recruitment and Representation in Genetics


September 2011: Volume 5, Number 3

  • Opening the Door to a Healthy Future for Young Adults with Heritable Conditions
  • Reports from the Regional Collaboratives


June 2011: Volume 5, Number 2

  • Screening for Carnitine-Palmitoyl Transferase, Type 1A (CPT1A) in First Nations Populations: A Community Conversation
  • Reports from the Regional Collaboratives


March 2011: Volume 5, Number 1

  • NCC and AAP Joint Visiting Professorships: Moving Principles Into Practice
  • Reports from the Regional Collaboratives
  • NCC Noteworthy


December 2010:  Volume 4, Number 4

  • Emergency Preparedness Training in Ten Easy Steps
  • Reports from the Regional Collaboratives


October 2010:  Volume 4, Number 3

  • Genetic Counseling Cultural and Linguistic Competence Online Project
  • Reports from the Regional Collaboratives
  • A Community Health Worker Model for Genetics Education in the Latino Community
  • Native American Perspectives' Special Satellite Meeting to the ACMG Annual Meeting
  • Hearing Loss, Genetics and Your Child Brochure


June 2010: Volume 4, Number 2

  • Knowledge and Attitudes of Parents on NBS and Bloodspot Storage
  • Reports from the Regional Collaboratives
  • Advocate Partnership Program
  • Genetics/Genomics Competency Center


April 2010: Volume 4, Number 1

  • National Dialogue on Genetics in Primary Care
  • Reports from the Regional Collaboratives
  • Trust it or Trash It


December 2009: Volume 3, Number 3
    • The Iowa Family Participation Project
    • Reports from the Regional Collaboratives
    • Tuberous Sclerosis Deaths in the United States 1983 - 1997
    • Comparison of Wilson-Junger & ACMG Evaluation Tools for Addition of Pompe
     Disease to Universal NBS Panels


June/July 2009: Volume 3, Number 2
    • Using a Community-Based Approach to Educate the African American Family About
      Genetics, Family Health History, and Improving Health
    • Reports from the Regional Collaboratives
    • Six Informal Conversations with the National Centers Working to Improve the System of
      Services For CYSHCN


March 2009:  Volume 3, Number 1 
    • It's All About Access!
    • Reports from Our Regional Collaborative Groups
    • Overview of HRSA's Telehealth and Telemedicine Resources
    • Developing a Successful Telehealth Program
    • Findings of the National Telegenetics


December 2008: Volume 2, Number 4     
    • Pilot Projects and Mini-Grant Activities Showcase Unique RC Expertise
    • Reports from the Regional Collaboratives
    • Culturally Competent Approaches to Improve Genetic Literacy Among 
       Asian-American Women


August 2008: Volume 2, Number 3
    • Genetic Services Community Embraces Quality Improvement Movement in US Healthcare
    • Genetics Education at the March of Dimes: Genetic and NBS Pocket Facts
    • Reports from the Regional Collaboratives


June 2008: Volume 2, Number 2
    • Expanded Patient-Specific Data Collection Activities to Inform and Improve Public Health
    • Consumer Genetics Education Network (CGEN)
    • Reports from the Regional Collaboratives


March 2008: Volume 2, Number 1
    • F2F HICs and RCs Hit Their Stride When Working Together
    • Listing of Federally Funded Family-to-Family Health Information Centers
    • Reports from the Regional Collaboratives


December 2007: Volume 1, Number 4
    • Musings on a Pedigreed Theme: The Genetic Family History Then and Now
    • Making Community Partnerships Work: The GENE and CGEN Projects
    • Reports from the Regional Collaboratives
    • A Family Health History Tool to Fit Every Community


August 2007: Volume 1, Number 3
    • Collaborative Facilitates NBS for CF in Western States
    • Reports from the Regional Collaboratives
    • NCC Noteworthy


June 2007: Volume 1, Number 2
    • ACMG to Continue as the National Coordinating Center
    • Genetics in Underserved Communities: The GENE Project
    • Reports from the Regional Collaboratives
    • LEND Training in Genetic Counseling


March 2007: Volume 1, Number 1
    • State of the National Coordinating Center
    • Report from the AAP Division of Children with Special Needs
    • Reports from the Regional Collaboratives
    • NCSL Genetic Technologies Project Report