The ABMGG  Continuing Certification (MOC) program is designed to engage diplomates in continuous professional development, assuring lifelong learning and competency in their specialty(ies). ABMGG Diplomates participating in the Continuing Certification program are expected to complete specified activities within a four-part framework, which includes:

  • Professionalism and Professional Standing (Part I)
  • Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment (Part II)
  • Assessment of Knowledge, Judgment, and Skills (Part III)
  • Improvement in Medical Practice (Part IV)
  • For more information about the requirements for ABMGG Diplomates, please click here.

    Let Us Know How the Program is Working for You!

    The MOC Part IV modules are designed as practice improvement modules based on published guidelines about standards of care. Medical genetics is challenging, due to the broad diversity of practice across institutions and the general lack of proven outcome measures. The MOC committee of the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics is charged with developing the modules and the committee is interested in constructive feedback on how to improve the process. After completing one of the modules for Part IV of the MOC, please give some feedback about your experience in using the modules. Please include any ideas about how to make the modules more useful and if you have thoughts about additional topics. Please indicate "MOC Modules" in the subject line.

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