ACMG in Action Monthly Electronic Magazine (E-zine): Exclusive Annual Sponsorship Opportunity

Put your brand in front of ACMG members in this member must-read monthly e-zine.

This monthly member electronic magazine (“e-zine”) boasts a high level of readership with 87% of ACMG members reporting they read at least some of the e-zine monthly. As the sole, exclusive annual sponsor of the ACMG in Action e-zine, your banner ad will be the only advertisement delivered to 2000+ ACMG members each month.

Why Should You Sponsor the ACMG in Action E-zine?

The ACMG in Action e-zine is a popular monthly electronic magazine sent to all ACMG members.

-In a 2015 ACMG member survey, 87% of members said they read at least some of the monthly e-zine

-The ACMG e-zine is opened an average of 1224 times each month.

-Content: The ACMG in Action e-zine features resources, member news, events, ACMG guidelines, policy news, new member listings and more. Typically each issue includes 10-15 articles.

What You’ll Receive as the Sole Annual Sponsor of the ACMG in Action e-zine

-The ACMG in Action e-zine will only have one exclusive sponsor each year. In return you will have your choice of a vertical or horizontal banner advertisement to run in the monthly e-zine.

-The dimensions of a horizontal ad are: 120x600 JPG Format

-The dimensions of a vertical, column ad are: 160x600 JPG Format

-All advertisements should be submitted electronically to

-Advertisement must be received by the 1st of the month.

-ACMG reserves the right to reject any ad that is found objectionable.

Pricing:  $15,000 Exclusive Annual Sponsorship

Why Market with ACMG?

During this time of unprecedented growth in the integration of medical genetics and genomics into healthcare, ACMG serves as a trusted leader. ACMG is the only nationally recognized professional medical society dedicated specifically to medical genetics practitioners.  Our 2000+ members include MDs, PhDs, genetic counselors and other genetics professionals who work in a variety of settings including academic medical centers, private practice, labs, industry and the government. There is no better way to get your message in front of leaders in medical genetics and genomics.

Our members advocate for quality genetic services in healthcare and public health, work with payers to increase access to and reimbursement for genetic services, develop and promote standards and best practices to diagnose, manage and treat genetic diseases, introduce medical students to the practice of medical genetics and genomics, support the training of future medical geneticists and develop educational tools and resources for practicing physicians and the general public.

*ACMG reserves the right to reject any ad that is found objectionable.  See Sponsorship Agreement for more details about ad specifications, etc.

Contact:  Kathy Ridgely Beal, MBA, Director of Communications and Public Relations at